Let this mind be in you…..

Hey everyone!!!! It’s been a minute lol, I haven’t posted anything in months, but i am finally back ☺️☺️. Phillipians 2 vs 5 one of my favourite verses in the Bible “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus”. It is a short verse yet it carries soo much weight. There are no bullet points or whatever in this post I’m just sharing what’s on my heart. 
So the mind is defined as “a person’s ability to think and reason” in other words the verse is saying we should think and reason like Jesus, in every situation ask yourself what would Jesus do… I personally have struggled and sometimes still struggle with this, mainly because I’m quick to react to what people do or say so for me to stop and think WWJD is a bit long. I’m pleased to say that I have changed drastically I’m not as mouthy as I used to be, so I think before I open my mouth most times (Lol).
The mind is extremely powerful, it is one of the many ways the enemy uses to destroy and keep people oppressed. Understand that the reason why God has asked us to study and meditate his word is so that our minds can be renewed in him. Sorry but we can’t survive on reading only on Sunday (which is what I tend to do but I’m working on it). Imagine all through the week you’ve gone through stress and life has happened and you don’t meditate on the word, excuse me you are starving your spirit man and feeding your flesh. I understand it can be hard sometimes but it’s all about priorities, when you spend time with Him the way you think would change.

Reading the stories in the bible about Jesus and how he responded to people in love, it really makes me challenge myself daily to do better. Dont get me wrong Jesus was no fool like his clap back game was strong, because the Pharisees tried it 😒😒😒😒.In the midst of every thing He was living from and focused on eternity (which is what we should be doing). But we are usually focused on the wrong things, can I actually encourage you to ask God to give you the grace to be more like Him, grace to spend time with Him not just to read the word but to meditate on it.

We can do this!!! We can live for God we can be Christ like, I’m not saying be perfect and never make mistakes but let his mindset be your mindset. It’s not going to happen overnight but I can promise you that the more you spend time with Him, the more you begin to look like Him.
Check out these Bible verses;
Colosian 3 vs 2
Ephesians 4 vs 22-23
Psalm 119 vs 11
Romans 12 vs 1-2 (my other favourite) .

Jenn ☺️

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