Bold like a lion…

So Proverbs 28 vs 1: “The wicked run away when no one is chasing them, but the godly are as bold as lions.” Being bold requires confidence, I’m not talking about being bold in terms of being able to confront people but actually being confident in Christ.

It might sound easy thinking about being confident in Christ but in reality you cannot be confident in someone you do not know, so first of all do you have a relationship with God??. If you’d asked me wether I considered myself to be bold or if I had a relationship with God last year I would have said yes without thinking about it. This year “life happened” and it shook me vigorously😂😂😂😂, God showed me a lot of things about myself, Erm first of all my relationship with Him was based on what people told me He is/ was, also I realised that I have placed my confidence in a lot of things which weren’t him.

This led to me being scared to take certain steps in my life. Listen being bold/ confident in Christ eradicates doubt, fear, worry and anxiety. But placing your confidence in other things will always leave you in doubt. I spent my God given time fleeing from opportunities because I wasn’t bold, but how can I even be bold when all this time I placed my confidence in the wrong things. Some of us base our confidence on our looks, jobs, achievements and all that jazz but what if all that is taken away?

It’s a daily journey but developing YOUROWN relationship with CHRIST is very IMPORTANT. Like have you seen Acts 4 vs 13: “The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus.”  I love this verse because you don’t have to do anything other than know God, spend timewith Him, put your trust and confidence in Him to be BOLD, and the Bible explains they recognised them as men who had been with Jesus, it will be evident when you place your confidence in Christ, folks might even think your crazy because you are not operating on their level anymore.

Listen 2016 is gonna be litttttt because I’m not here to ramp I’m going to be bold as a lion for and in Christ. Will you be playing?? Spend the last few days of 2015 speaking to God about your new year and in fact begin to make necessary changes now!!!!! Happy new year in advance and thank you for reading.

Love always ❤️


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