Mustard Yellow on dark skinned girls..

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog . Today i have decided to challenge myself and wear something bright, as i usually just wear dark colors (they are easier to work with). So i have always felt like yellow is just way too bright for me, turns out tho that i hadn’t found the right Yellow. Mustard yellow is absolutely stunning on dark skinned girls, like i never knew. All details of my out fit would be provided below, feel free to comment, like and share. Thanks xxx


It was absolutely freezing as well (LOOL).

I also tried tried it with a black coat and different shoes 😊, I still prefer the blue tho.

Mustard Co-Ordinate- Boohoo

Blue denim waterfall- Boohoo

Black heels- New look

Black block heels- Missguided

Black waterfall jacket –

Lipstick – Ruby 💋.

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