When Gold meets Purple ðŸ’œðŸ’›

Hello everyone, hope you are well?!!!!! Thank you so so much for your comments, likes and sharing my last post i am very very grateful. So lets get cracking, i recently attended my aunties 50th birthday and this was what i wore i quite liked it and i decided to blog about it. This dress is about a year  old now and i have only worn it once to a fellow blogger’s wedding purseinspire (check out her blog; shes awesome). If you know about Nigerian parties apart from the fact that they are litt (lol), there’s usually a color theme and for this party it was gold and purple. All i did was tie the purple velvet round my waist to make it different and also it saved me a couple of pounds as i didn’t have to get a new outfit. Excuse my hair the wind didn’t want my pictures to bang,   but anyways enough chitchat hope you like it!!!!!!!!!





Dress – AXPARIS / Velvet- Any fabric store (got mine from Nigeria tho) / Glasses – ALDO / Shoe –Publicdesire / Hair – @hairbytai_ / Rings- Primark.


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