The winding road to destiny.

I sat through a sermon last month titled “The winding road to destiny” it really resonated with where i am in my life at the moment because for a while now i have been asking      ” What exactly is my purpose” i say things like “Lord i am confused, i need direction”, “Am i heading the right direction”. Usually i get frustrated thinking about it because everything around me seems to not be in line with the dream that i have. Lets just say i feel a bit like Joseph, he had a huge dream he knew his destiny was going to be great,God already showed him through his dreams (Genesis 37 for more context). But for a long time he served Portiphar, he went to prison for a crime he never committed whilst he was in prison he held on he might have had moments of doubt but more importantly he held on to the dream that God had shown him (for more context on the story of Joseph read  Genesis 39-41) and lets not forget his brothers sold him and lied to his father that he died (IKR AWFUL).

Joseph had to pass through some tests to make sure he was ready for his destiny, he had to step out of what he was comfortable with and many times in our lives we go through stages, each stage takes you a step closer to destiny, but we often only focus on everything that is going wrong. Sometimes you have to be separated from people, things or even habits, are you willing to push through this wilderness because on the other side there lies the promises that He has made. Or are you going to allow life to knock you down and keep you down ? I mean i guess its easier to use circumstances as an excuse for why you couldn’t fight back but your destiny is worth soo much that you cannot afford to make excuses because at the end of the day you are responsible for yourself and you have been entrusted with something soo great that you cant but fulfill destiny.

Always bear in mind that your tests and trials are shaping you and preparing you for that dream/ vision that you have and that all is not in vain, at the end of the day only you can tell your story, only you know what you have been through. I really want to encourage you to do what you must and i assure you all will be worth it in the end. When you are ready after you have been through the fire and have come out then “YOUR DESTINY WILL CHOOSE YOU” but in the mean time keep believing, dreaming, keep writing your vision and go back to what you’ve written when everything seems to be confusing so that you can get back on track.

Love always

Jennifer Amani


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