Collaboration with Lonseluet

So I shared a preview last week on my Instagram about my collaboration with Lonseluet, in this post I’m wearing one of the canvas collection pieces.

When I chose the outfit I immediately thought, rose gold glasses and my Perspex clear boots. I am not necessarily an accessories person you can probably tell,  I am good to go with only shades (and my outfit of course lol).

Two things that made me choose this piece;

1. the print, it’s very different to what you would normally see on the high street, it makes you stand out.

2.  it’s a two piece you can do soo much like you can wear a different top or if you choose to wear the top you can style it with jeans or you can choose to be formal and wear a different trouser.

You can find Lonseluet on Instagram @Lonseluet, check out her other designs also Lonseluet would be available on Asos market place very soon, I will let you know when they are available.  Please let me know what you think about it, leave a comment below and thank you always for the feedback it’s greatly appreciated.


Outfit: Lonseluet

Glasses: Aldo (they actually have all my money 😪😂😂😂)

Shoes: Public desire (as seen on “When Gold meets Purple)

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