Being content in your SEASON.


This for me is a struggle from time to time if i am honest. I found it hard to enjoy or should i say appreciate what ever season i was in, because i was busy waiting to be in a season where it will just be enjoyment, no test or trials in my mind that’s when i would truly be happy (I don’t know where i got that information from). So i focused mainly on everything that was not working out or how things are not the way i want them to be, can you imagine how depressing that is, to always focus on everything that is wrong?????  absolutely draining.

The thing about seasons is that there is a reason for it, each season paves the way for the next, it prepares you for the next stage of your life the same way that Autumn makes the transition from Summer to Winter. There are things that we need to learn in each season for example “I am currently learning how to depend and wait on God, i believe that’s the season i am in currently, it is not the easiest if you are not used to it as it would test you so much but it is definitely worth it i assure you. But i believe i am in this season for a reason there is something God is trying to teach me in all this that would equip me for my next season.

He strategically allows things to happen to you for your own good and that’s a hard thing to listen to when things seem to not be working out, lol like if you are looking for a job and you have been applying for ages and you are running out of money and options its very frustrating and you start to think “FORGOSSAKE how can i be content?????????????” But your decision on how to act actually determines how long you will be in that test if you turn around and start thinking “OH well i am never gonna get a job” my dear that’s exactly what’s going to happen, but if you change it and say actually things are not looking right but i choose to trust and depend on you because i know you will come through, the way things will change soo quick you will be amazed  because you have decided to “SPEAK LIFE”  (check out my post on speaking life). Positivity is sooo soo good for the soul and for your mind the bible says,  For as he thinks in his heart, so is he ( Proverbs 23 vs 7a).

I can promise you right now that it works, because it has worked for me several times i only write about what i have experienced i am not AWCHEA doing religion!!!!!! So few tips on how to be content in your season

1 . Know and believe in your heart that His plans for you are good and not evil (Jerimiah 29 vs 11)

2. Just because He has blessed someone else does not mean that He wont bless you. So never think that He won’t do it because He will.

3. Don’t focus on everything that is going wrong, try and pick out the positive things as well.

4. See it as an opportunity to grow in your faith (Romans 5 vs 3)

5. Do not compare your season to someone else’s because their season has absolutely nothing to do with your own, the plan He has for you is completely different to theirs, you don’t know their struggle or pain or how long they have been praying for so do not let comparison steal your joy.

Hope this blessed you! Thanks for reading.


Jen X

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