Modern Black and White

Christmas is fast approaching and so is 2017, lol time waits for no man indeed. Don’t worry too much if things are not happening as fast as you want them to, always bear in mind that there is a set time for everything. So be encouraged know that whatever it is God will come through on time, He is never too early or late. Also try to see the positive side or learn what you can and know that you are being prepared for a SET TIME. 

Anyways thanks for your support always 😀❤️️.

Thanks for stopping by 🙏🏾😄. 

Shirt – Topshop 

Jumpsuit- PrettyLittleThing 

Shoes – A gift

Glasses – A gift (you can get it from eBay)

Lipstick – Ruby woo 

Coat – New look 

2 thoughts on “Modern Black and White

  1. it’s 3:30am and I’m struggling with sleep while trying to study then I see your facebook post and immediately I’m woke!!! I’m not even joking LMAO
    this outfit is fire and I love that you wore red shoes-gives the outfit a lovely pop!! Slay onn

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