Collaboration with M.a.d.Kollection 

This post is a collaboration with @m.a.d.kollection   (direct link to the website) , I’m sure I do not need to go on about my obsession with prints because you already know (no need to bore you). I have been excited about this collaboration since last year (December) and as soon as I got the email I went straight to the website to see more items. I can honestly say that they are not only colourful and beautiful but they are very affordable (and very realistic in my opinion).

  I specifically chose this skirt because: 

  1. It’s very different to my other anakara skirts. 
  2. It’s can be worn all year round (winter, autumn, spring and summer). 
  3. You could potentially wear it to a number of places, lunch, dinner (with your friends, a date, an evening out) church. 

I will leave a link for some other outfits that I thought were gorgeous. Do stop by the website as well to check out what else is in stock @m.a.d.kollection

Outfit 1- Skirt (the vibrant cooours for this skirt caught my attention) 

Outfit 2- Dress (again the colours and the cut of this dress is very unique) 


Do leave a comment on how you would style it differently and where you will wear it to, I would really love to hear your thoughts. 
Thank you for stopping by 🙏🏾💙. 

8 thoughts on “Collaboration with M.a.d.Kollection 

  1. Reporting for Fashion007 …..if I was a girl I would probably wear it on a Sunday …..why? Because I feel it’s going to be really comfortable knowing how long the service is going to take till the end of the service…

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  2. This is beautiful Jennifer!! Church is definitely top of the list lol but I’ll also wear this with a tank or little lace crop top for a hang out with friends or a cook out.

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