Some things I have learnt along the way 

I have been blogging about fashion for a year and a few months now (seems like yesterday🤔) and i would like to share a few things that i have learnt along the way (in no particular order), 5 things to be precise. 

This would be helpful to bloggers who have just started, those who are revamping their blog and i guess a reminder to those who are where they want to be in their blogging journey.

  1. Be very clear on why you started blogging and where you are going! 

It is important to know and understand why you start anything, if you cant say this is exactly why i am doing this then i will advice you to rethink. Do you want to be famous on Instagram, is it for the likes or the attention, is it to get free stuff or is there a bigger purpose behind what you are doing you need to be really clear. There will be times that you will feel like “it’s not worth it anymore” or maybe you are not getting the response you want from your posts and in this times you find yourself going back to why you started, in these times it’s your vision/dream that will keep you going.  

2.Establish your Niche

Niche – ‘a comfortable or suitable position in blogging’

I remember when i first started blogging, this was one of the things that i heard a lot and even when i researched things about other successful bloggers, they had this one thing in comment they had identified their niche at one point and stuck to it. Although there isn’t one rule or one way to find out what your niche is, for some people they know before they start and for some it might take a while. In my case i knew i liked prints but i wasn’t 100 percent sure if i am honest. So i did prints and a bunch of other stuff like implementing more colours in my outfits, through this i have discovered a lot of things about myself. For example how much bold colours suit me, believe it or not i used to be scared to wear anything too bright, but now i am loving it.

3. Consistency 

Come rain come sunshine you have to be prepared to publish content. One thing I have said to myself and I’m sure others bloggers can relate “I am not in the mood”  looooooool one of the many benefits of consistency is that it will teach you how to sacrifice and most times how to make sure your emotions do not dictate your life. Don’t do 3 months in and 3 months out be as consistent as you can be. Although I can understand if you have a lot going on life university or may be work is overwhelming.  I would say try to still produce content, but maybe reduce the number of times you post.  It’s also completely okay to take breaks nothing wrong with that at all, it’s actually good to take breaks I often find that my creativity is always different after a break. 

4. Be smart with how you spend

 Blogging is expensive, don’t feel like you have to buy stuff every week it’s unrealistic especially if you can’t afford it. Buy what you need for example I have one pair of red heels and I don’t plan on buying another one as long as the one I have is still presentable. If you are not monetising from your blog yet and you can’t afford certain things work with what you have. The time will come when you will be able to afford all these things, don’t say I don’t want to repeat outfits “CHILLE BYE” . Actually being a blogger requires you to re-style outfits and still make it look like you’ve never worn it before. It’s all about strategy GET INTO IT.

5. Don’t expect all your friends to support you/ Not everyone will like your blog. 

Call me a fool or whatever but when I first started I thought all my friends will support me blah blah 😂😂. I quickly realised that actually no it doesn’t work like that, you will find that strangers will often go harder for you than your friends. Everybody is running their own race, you’ve chosen to blog so focus on that whether your friend supports you or not you will make it. Also not everybody will like your posts/style/who you are as a person and you have to be okay with it. Keep it moving focus on the end goal. 

Hope this was helpful, let me know if you would like to see more posts like this. 
Thanks for stopping by 💙😀. 

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