Keep Going….

                    I won some tickets to see Heather Lindsey and gosh i was excited, i quickly called the people i knew for sure would be interested. It was a 2 day event Friday and Saturday i couldn’t wait to go, so Friday came and i was thinking this is the day that God is going to have to just meet me, as i was believing Him for a bunch of things . After an amazing worship session led by an amazing woman, Heather came on stage and she explained that she had a different sermon but she feels the Holy Spirit leading her to about something else.

                I kept thinking in my mind God better come through for me and then BOOM “the title for today’s message is God i have had enough”. In my  mind i was thinking wow this describes how i have been feeling these past few months. Absolutely fed up of things not working out, tired of being disappointed, tired of putting on a brave face, just tired of being strong, I mean shall i go on??. have been throwing myself a pity party day and night choosing to feel sorry for myself and completely distancing my self from God because he didn’t do this and that I just ignoring everything else that is going well.

                  So you can imagine my life over the last few months i had alright days (days that I chose to focus on the good) tho it wasn’t all sad and gloomy but through it all even in my pity party God was definitely my strength. So hearing Heather speak about being fed up it really resonated with me, i needed to hear the words of encouragement that she was speaking. I could easily have encouraged myself, but there’s a specific passion that comes from people who are experiencing or have experienced the exact thing you are going through, so when they encourage you it’s soo genuine and there is a connection that comes from experience. Hence why we sometimes go through things that have nothing to do with us, but instead it’s to benefit someone that you will meet much later in life. 

There were certain things that she said that really stood out to me; 

  • It’s okay to be weak but in that moment allow God to be your strength. Don’t push God away or try to use other things to distract yourself or better yet don’t take matters into your hands. Grow through your season, now is not the time to give up  but KEEP GOING and you won’t regret it.  
  • Do not live in your down moments, yes it’s hard but use this time wisely. I think for a while now my down moments have been a way of escaping reality and also not taking responsibility, it’always easier to be angry at God isn’t it? But okay you’ve had your down moment are you going to just sit there or are you going to GET UP and KEEP GOING. 
  • Lastly she talked about resting in Gods presence, my mind is constantly doing 360. Like I hardly ever rest but I love how she phrased it rest, spend time with God and carry on for the journey is long and hard. If you have given your life to Christ based on the assumption that things will be easy peezy may I announce to you that you’ve entered one chance it is an absolute lie. We are constantly being tested and tried but we have to keep going and the only way we can do that is by seeking God. 

So definitely keep going, keep pushing and I can’t promise that it will be easy but I can assure that it will be worth it. 

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