ALL THINGS DISTINCT: How to thrive despite the odds….

                I recently attended a workshop hosted by @allthingsdistinct, the founder is someone I  respect greatly and having seen her work behind the scene, I didn’t hesitate to book my ticket when she posted it on her Instagram. She’s really passionate about equipping people in general, when ever I message her to rant  she would always encourage me and our conversations would always end with “you can do it, keep going it is all part of your story/journey”. So the purpose of all things disctinct is “awakening the distinct factor in you and helping you realise your most valued asset”. 

In this blog post I will be sharing 3 points that stood out to me at the workshop; 

  • Character 

A good character will separate you from the rest in what ever industry you work in. Yes you might be amazingly talented but if your character is bad no one would want to work with you. So things like punctuality, honesty, reliability and consistency are soo important to me personally and I try soo hard to do my best in all that I do. 

Also the importance of being surrounded by people who also have a good character was highlighted as it will help you remain grounded. So bear in mind that your gifts and talents can take you places but your character can destroy your reputation and everything you’ve worked for, so make sure you work on being the best you. 

  • Identify the Saboteur of your life. 

So ideally whatever prevents you from success is a saboteur, it is vital that you identify it. Are you someone that makes excuses  for everything ? You never want to step out of your comfort zone? Well you need to make the necessary changes, because opportunities don’t always come knocking at your door there are times that you have to step out of your comfort zone. 

          We are sometimes soo used to people feeling sorry for us, so it’s an issue to even step out but basically snap out of it. Are you your own saboteur? are you scared to be great ? If you are then maybe you are not as ready as you think for your dream/vision, or you are not clear on where you are heading? 

                 Are you busy relying on people to make things happen for you ?? You need to be your own cheer leader, don’t wait for approval from people they don’t owe you anything. You are the one with the vision, not anybody else, so they obviously can’t be as passionate about it as you are. So do not be your own hindrance and do not let people hinder you as well.

  • Comparison 

In general it’s soo easy to compare yourself to someone else but being focused on other people, whilst beating your self up about what you have going on for yourself will only discourage you. Stop ascribing success in what you see, because half the time things are never the way they seem, it’s all packaging. Yes every industry is saturated but you can still thrive, you can still stand out from the rest, but you have to stop comparing yourself because it doesn’t give you hope. Be strategic, know your competition but never use their achievement as a yardstick for yours as we are all unique,  but instead why not use it to encourage yourself knowing that if someone else has done it then surely it is possible for you to do it as well. 

These are the things that I’ve had to sit down and ask myself after the event I encourage you to do the same. YOU GOT THIS, WORK HARD BUT WORK SMART AS WELL 💙. 

You can find @allthingsdistinct here

Thank you 💙. 

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