Who are you? πŸ€”

                      I meant to share this last week but I had quite a few posts up, so I decided to wait till this week. So Day 2 of the Lindsey’s event was absolutely beautiful, (Click here for Day 1) the worship was mind blowing even better than the first day. When we all sang together it was the most beautiful experience ever, Gods presence was soo tangible I wanted to remain there forever. Cornelius shared the word this time around, the title was “Get Naked”. 

                           The message was soo relatable, he mentioned soo many things that at one point I felt like he knew everything that I was thinking. He spoke briefly about identity and I have to say,  it is a touchy subject because really and truly who are we exactly. As I sat in the audience and looked around, I asked myself who are you Jen????? Who are you behind the make up, nice clothes? Who are you when no one is watching???  It’s soo important to know who you are in Christ! 

                       Identity is a topic I can go on and on about as it is linked to a lot of the issues society has at the moment. Even things like comparison, jealousy and envy usually stems from not knowing who you are in other words “identity”, hence why the enemy is constantly trying to confuse you about who you are ! But we are constantly letting other things define us like society, social media, achievements or even relationships. Sometimes we are not even aware,  but it’s gotten soo bad that we treat people based on their positions, even though that says absolutely nothing about their character. Why do we think that value is gained through people’s what we do or through people’s validation of us?

Enough rambling πŸ˜€, he gave us 3 facts that I felt was very vital in other for us to get in line. 

  • You are not perfect bu you are loved by a oerfect God. And yes you will make mistakes but it’s not the end of the world. 
  • You cannot clean yourself up (you will only make things worse). Countless of times I’ve  tried to fix myself and it got worse, it never gets fixed till you surrender completely to Him. 
  • You do not have all the answers! I often like explanations for things and I get so irritated when there’s none.  I’m now learning to be okay with no explanation whatsoever for why I have to go through this test or trial. I am leaning to accept that God has the best plan for me regardless of what’s going on about me. 

I really hope this has stirred up something in you to seek God and find your identity. God is not intimidated by the real you, He knew you before you were formed so there for He has loved you the moment you existed in His mind. 

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