Wedding Guest: Ankara inspo 

           Hey guys!!!!! This is an outfit I wore to a wedding in April, after looking for an outfit for ages online and in stores.  I decided to just go for Prints since I couldn’t find anything that was realistic in price and also I was looking for something yellow and pink, so that made my task a lot harder. I wore it without the cape thing for the church service and then for reception I wore the cape it was really nice and  I remember a lot of people asking if I changed my outfit lol. The benefits of detachable fashion ☺️. 

          I wasn’t really sure about the red part of the Ankara, but after speaking to my tailor we decided to add it to the sleeve and the front of the cape and I ended up liking it. This was my last outfit for my shoot I think and I was really tiered, as by this time I already did about 9 different outfits. So I forgot to wear my choker and my bag lol but yea you get the idea 💡. I hope you like it and if you recreate this look definitely tag me I love to see how other people style their outfits it. Also thanks soo much for the love on my latest posts I’m forever grateful thank you soo much. 


             Dress- Tailor made / Heels – Primark 

Thanks for stopping by 💙🙏🏾

14 thoughts on “Wedding Guest: Ankara inspo 

    1. She really is ☺️☺️☺️☺️!!!! And the struggle is real yea I do about 10-11 in one go as I don’t have time to be doing shoots every Saturday so I sacrifice one Saturday for that ☺️☺️💙💙💙. Thanks for stopping by 😘😘😘


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