Beauty for Ashes: Journal Entry … 

             I remember reading a book titled ” His beauty for my ashes ” years ago.  I was about 11/12 years old ( I used to enjoy reading a lot when I was much younger😪😪😪😪). This book really opened my eyes to meaning of being faithful even when things are soo hard that you just want to give up. Mind you the book is a real life story about a woman who lost her husband and her twins in a car crash here in London, on the same day. She explained how she dealt with her grief and I remember crying because it was a really heartbreaking, yet powerful testimony. 

             At the time I didn’t know what it meant to seek God through the bad times, or when I wasn’t in the mood. I have over learnt over the years tho, that there is more to my relationship with God than just my mood/emotions. At the time my knowledge about God was completely based on what/who I had been told He is and that’s fine for a while, but then it gets to a point in life where you have to know God for yourself, because all of a sudden it’s not enough for your relationship with God to be based on what your pastor said. You need your own personal encounter your own experience. 

             Many times we would go through situations soo hard that we cannot see any beauty in that season/time/phase and it can be very frustrating. In those times tho remember that God can turn any situation around. Allowing Him to take the burden/pain/shame by surrendering completely is definitely the best thing that you can do. I know you might not want to even seek His face, prayer might not even be the first thing on your mind because you are angry. But you will find that your greatest encounters with God are the ones where, you literally had to push yourself to be with Him, beyond what you felt or what you even thought. 

This post is just to encourage you, I actually journalled this in February and as I was going through my old journal yesterday, it really resonated with me so I thought i’ld share it. But I will leave you with this “The cost/sacrifice for intimacy is to surrender, but when you do there’s a beautiful exchange that takes place which can’t be compared to anything”. 

Thanks for stopping by 💙🙏🏾. 

4 thoughts on “ Beauty for Ashes: Journal Entry … 

  1. You are such a strong woman! All through and through every time i come on here I read something inspirational that resonates deeply with me. Thank you for being the powerful voice that you are.

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