Feeling Burnt Out ? 

            I have felt burnt out a couple of times in my blogging journey (actually even in life generally) and I’ve found it very frustrating. I mean blogging is something I’m passionate about and at one point it felt like a chore, I just didn’t enjoy it as much. So how exactly can we deal with feeling burnt out, how do you (yes you reading ) re-ignite your passion? Well today I’m sharing three things that have really helped/worked for me.  So pick out which ever one works for you, I’m sure that you will find at least one thing that will work for you. 

  • Take time off 

          I would usually take about a week off when I’m feeling maxed out, but I’ll say take however long you need. During that time off, I meditate a lot and focus on other things, such as my other hobbies and sometimes i end up finding new hobbies. Having set days off would really help you on the long run. You could maybe decide, Monday I’m not doing anything blog/business related, that’s my day off weekly or fourth nightly. 

          It’s all down to you, you know yourself best. Boundaries that could also help include things like, not responding to emails past a certain time, so basically like setting office hours “9-5”. This definitely helps I tell you. 

  • Re-Visit your vision board

          Check yourself, have you taken your eyes off the goal that you initially had? It’s important to have your vision board where you can constantly see it. So maybe write it on sticky notes and put it on the wall or something. I usually have it, in my journal as it’s always with me. I wrote about comparison last week, are you busy comparing yourself to others? and now as a result you’ve undervalued how big your vision is ? Well definitely go back and remind yourself, it will put you back on track. 

  • Re-strategise /Switch up 

           Okay so you’ve been doing this blog thing/business for a while, are you still allowing yourself to dream big or have you stopped? Are you adding more ideas to your goals? You have to continue brainstorming, what are you doing that works and what doesn’t work? Questions are important, ask yourself, challenge yourself! 

       How can you leave your readers/customers  coming back for more, you need to leave a good taste in their mouths. You could also switch up your captions for your images, create video content maybe, switch up the layout of your blog. In the midst of all this you still need to make sure that you remain true to yourself. In conclusion don’t feel bad for feeling burnt out, you are a human being, it’s allowed. Hope this was helpful 😋. 

Thanks for stopping by 💙. 

9 thoughts on “Feeling Burnt Out ? 

    1. Thank you babe 💙💙💙💙😘😘😘😘!! I’m glad you took the time off and let me know how you get on with your vision board I’m happy to help or give tips if you need any 💙.


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