The Art of Consistency 

              I know the title is a bit dramatic lol 😂 but hope you are all okay. As I mentioned on my Instagram earlier on the week, that I would be talking about consistency sometime this week, so here we are. Before I carry on tho a MASSIVE THANK YOU for the engagement on all my posts I am ever soo grateful 💙💙💙. 

           This post is going to be short and straight to the point (no story for the gods). So consistency by definition is a bit boring lol it means “acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate” but it’s something that will take you very far in life. That “In the same way” part makes it quite boring it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same way because sometimes change is good but you get the gist. 

I’m sharing some points that you may or may not know, feel free to leave a comment on things that i haven’t mentioned that works for you as well. 

  • Be very clear of what your vision/end goal is.

 This will pretty much be what drives you, it will keep you in line and it will push you to make sacrifices that you wouldn’t make on a normal day because you are really focused on the end goal. It will drive you beyond your emotions most of the time, this is where you prove to yourself how bad you want your dream to become a reality, how important your legacy is?. 

  • Plan ahead, don’t do last minute things!!

Usually I would write posts when I feel inspired and I write as many as I can then I draft them. It doesn’t matter if already have posts planned, i still save them because I know that there are times where I have nothing to say or I might be going through something and I’m not necessarily feeling inspired, in those times those posts are very handy. For bloggers WordPress let’s you schedule posts, it’s something I use all the time to help me keep up. 

  • What time of the day are you most productive? 

  So I’m sure by now you know when you work best! Use this as an advantage to brainstorm ideas, to write posts possibly if you feel inspired to. For example I’m very productive in the morning so that’s when I write posts in my journal. Find out what time works for you if you don’t already know. 

  • Be very disciplined, stick to it and keep your word

It’s soo important to keep your word, don’t be one of those people that makes empty promises. But actually try as much as you can to keep it up, discipline and consistency go hand in hand, I believe without discipline it is hard to be consistent. If you’ve promised to post/do something, just do it. You will find that if you don’t keep your word not only will people not take you seriously, but after a while even you will not take yourself seriously. 

  • Set weekly goal/Tagets- Reward yourself

I tell you it works! So early on the week ususally Sunday after church, I would write down everything I want to do by the end of the week (not everything will be about blogging). It has really helped me to be consistent so I will definitely recommend and I would usually tick ✅ the ones I’ve completed, as I go along it makes me feel like I’m moving forward and I’m making progress. Then at the end of the week I would reward myself accordingly so it might be going out to KASPAS/CREAMS ( I love it 😍) or it could be buying myself something little. 

  • What worked and what didn’t

Identifying what’s working and what isn’t working will help you, so in other words re-strategising will often help especially if you get bored easily like me. Sometimes people struggle with consistency because they keep getting the same result, so maybe it’s time to see what can be changed. 

But yea these are my few points, thanks for stopping by 😀. 

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