Cecey Wrap Dress :Yetunde Sarumi collection 


    Dress- Yetunde sarumi (shop here) Use Discount code for 10% off : JAMANI10 / Heels – Primark / Chocker – Primark 

           Hello everyone !!!! New/recent and my day one readers, hope you are good? Today I bring to you another collaboration with Yetunde Sarumi and I’m super excited. This has to be one of my favourite collaboration to date, do check out my first collaboration with YS if you’ve never seen it (here).  This lovely dress is called Cecey and it’s absolutely stunning. 

         If you ever need a pop of colour red heels are definitely a good choice, hence why I went for red. Accessories wise I opted for a choker, so something simple I didn’t want anything that would take the attention away from the dress. As you might have noticed, I’m not really into accessories, but it can really make an outfit bang 💥. 

           I also love the subtle vibrancy this dress gives, the bell shaped sleeves and also the skater effect. In general it’s a very classy outfit and I would definitely recommend it, the quality is so worth it. I’m soo extra in general, I would often check the lining in all my ankara outfits anytime I go for a fitting, this dress is lined perfectly and the finishing is also perfect. 

        So where can you wear Cecey to???  You could potentially wear it to a wedding, naming ceremony, the park, BBQ party, birthday party and church event even. Over all Yetunde Sarumi collection really stands out, do stop by and check out her other designs here. Also let me know what you think about this outfit and where you would wear it to. 

Thanks for stopping by 😀💙. 

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