Ankara Street Style :Jennifer Amani 

               Hey !!! hope you are well, as promised I will be back to posting twice a week sometime in September, I’m really looking forward to sharing more ankara styles with you. But here’s today’s look, it’s more of a street style look in terms of location, the sleeves are different one is flared and the other isn’t. As you might have noticed, I like playing around with sleeves, detachable are my favourite tho. Over all it’s a very comfortable look, although I tend to worry about staining my outfit with make up anytime I wear white. Let me know where you would wear it to, I reckon you could wear it out on a date or brunch with your friends. 

Random Life update: As much as I’ve had a lot to do these last few weeks, I’ve had a lot of time to think and work on my personal development. In terms of who I want to be, where I would like to be by the end of this month (year) and what changes I would have to make to eventually be my best self. I find that short term goals also works for personal growth or development, you should definitely try it. 

Top- Tailor made/ Cullotes- Boohoo/  Heels- Newlook/ Bag – River Island 

Thanks for stopping by 💙😘. 

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