Hey guys, today i am sharing 10 out of the many things i have learnt since i have started blogging, some of the points i have included have to do with character, identity and self development. They are in no particular order I have also added some images of previous posts 😋, so lets jump right into it;

  1. It is 100% possible to be consistent- (check out my tips on consistency here), i never thought i could be this consistent. Some would argue if you want something enough you will do what you have to do. I realized that actually consistency is very important to me and for me Blogging is not a joke so i wont treat it as such. So if you ever thought consistency is not possible i can assure you it is.
  2. Dreaming Big costs you nothing – It is free to dream big, as long as you are alive it doesn’t matter where you are or what you circumstance might be, you are allowed to dream big and to write your vision. The challenge is what exactly are you willing to sacrifice for this big dream of yours? which leads me to my third point;
  3. Taking responsibility for your dreams/yourself- The number of times i have had to remind myself “Jennifer you are responsible for your self” no one is going to dream your dream for you. Regardless of whats going on you have to keep going, you have to keep pushing. It really doesn’t matter how you are feeling, if your dream is solely based on your feelings you need to check yourself, because feelings are very fickle.
  4. Hard-work and research- Anything you want to do in life takes handwork and if you are smart you will do your research. Make sure you are doing all that you possibly can. Lol a lot of people still think blogging is easy, well let me tell you now it is not. It’s very saturated and it’s hard to stand out but if you stick with it long enough, you will be okay. Research sometimes might feel like a waste of time but actually it is very beneficial.
  5. Importance of a strong support system- Everyone needs support, and i am very grateful for the support that i have from family, friends, mentors!!! I can’t over emphasize the importance having supportive people around you. This whole journey has opened my eyes to see that and to also check myself, am i supportive to my friends as well?
  6.  Confidence/ Self doubt- Confidence is so important, i am a shy girl you know (lmaoo i know some people won’t believe). But i have forced myself out of my shell to be more outspoken, to be more decisive and to also stop second guessing myself. I can tell you now for free that some of my most liked posts i didn’t want to post them when the time came all because of self doubt. I am learning to be more confident in myself and in my style everyday. 
  7. Importance of being Honest and Transparent- People connect so much more with honesty and transparency. In sharing my struggles and being my true self i feel like i have connected with many people, even if it was just one post or one picture, it really doesn’t matter as long as i am being true to myself.
  8. Know thy self– I wrote a post titled who are you??? (here) it is really important to know who you are. It is easy to get carried away and become someone else for the sake of being famous, or so that people will like you. But ask yourself how long will you keep up with the charade, i say BE YOUR BEST SELF and work on what needs to be worked on, we all know where we need to improve, so go on and be great.
  9. Time Management- Time wasters never get much done, utilizing my time is something blogging has really helped me with. Inspiration comes at anytime so i maximize it as much as i can.
  10. Being patient with myself- I can be too hard on myself sometimes which isn’t always helpful. I have learnt that it’s okay to celebrate small victories and to also appreciate myself. I might not be the most creative person but i am me and that is my power.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. First time commenting on your blog, although I always stop by. I love reading posts like this cause I can 100% relate and I can always take something from. Loved that photo of the ripped jeans, white top and hat the most.

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