Dreaming Big 

             Dreaming big costs a lot ! Not money 💰 but a lot of sacrifice(s), no sleep sometimes, tears, time, effort (you name it). Everyone is allowed to dream big, regardless of who they are. The big question is, what exactly are you doing about this big dream of yours ? I’m sharing 5 things to ensure that you are dreaming big …… 

  1. Filling in the gaps- You know sometimes you get an idea of what you want to do, you write it down and maybe start it straight away. Usually  you don’t get the whole picture straight away,along the way you begin to fill in the gaps and ideally what should happen is that the more God begins to show you or the more you figure it out the more you add to your vision board. It’s important to always write it down, it’s a great reminder of where you started from and where you are actually going. It’s a good sign that shows that you are moving forward. This would further encourage you to keep dreaming big. 
  2. Research – Are you spending time researching on how to make sure you are doing all that you can do? For example the job you are doing, the course you are studying in university? is it leading you any closer to this dream in any way? Research to make sure you are using your time wisely and utilising every opportunity that you have.
  3. Speaking positively – Are you speaking positively over this dream or are you allowing your circumstance to speak negatively or to determine how achievable this dream of yours is? Know that you will be okay as long as you keep speaking positive things into existence and obviously keep working hard. You will be shocked how things will begin to fall into place. 
  4. Self development/Character – Are you working on your character ? Self development is sooo important, you need to make sure you are being your best self. Character is key I mean you can be the most gifted person with the biggest dream, if your character is awful nobody would want to work with you. In a way you are sabotaging yourself (your dream) by not working on your character. 
  5. Long /short term goals- I set short term goals (monthly, weekly) to help me see that I’m making progress. Sometimes we are too focused on the long term goal that it just seems like we are not doing anything and we are not any closer to that dream of ours. On the other hand tho long term goals are very important as they keep you in check,  you can always refer back to it and see what else needs to be worked on over time. 

Hope this was useful, thanks for stopping by 💕. 

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