Aso-Ebi Special….. 

                    Hey guys!!! Back with another one ☝🏾 I gave a taster on this post on Monday and the response was soo positive I’m really grateful (if you’re are not following me on the gram what are you doing tho 😋😋😋). 

           Let’s get into it, so I tend to consider a few things before choosing a style for my aso-Ebi material for example am I going to be able to wear heels the whole day ? Whats my role on the day ?What’s the weather saying ? What kind of people am I partying with ? Lol as silly as the last one may sound it’s important because I refuse to carry last, I believe that if your are coming through, come through with the full VIMMMM 🔥🔥🔥so in essence look your absolute best. 

          This material was for my cousins wedding which was in August (it was a glorious day literally I cried and laughed and repeat). So I knew I would be doing lots of dancing and running around hence why I opted for something long because I wasn’t planning on wearing heels the whole day. It was warm so the sleeves didn’t have to be long and because I’m top heavy I tend to prefer a fish tail type of bottom to complement my body. And yea that’s all for today let me know which one you prefer, with or without sleeve ??? I think I preferred it with the sleeve tho 👀👀.   

          Dress – Tailor made/ Clutch- Primark          Shades- Zaful / Heels – Matalan (you can’t see them I know 😂😂😂) 

So far what do you think ? With or without ?

Thanks for stopping by 💙💙. 

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