Vibrant Jacket : Ankara 

               Hey guys !!! Hope your week is going well,  soo far mine is going well thankfully. A massive Thank you for the constant engagement it really keeps me going 🙏🏾 and I do not take it for granted at all. So this week I have paired up this lovely ankara piece from BTCouture which I absolutely love with a white jumpsuit. I really love how vibrant the colours are and also the style of the jacket I often go for long jackets but I must I say I quite like the fitting of this one mainly because of the peplum effect ☺️☺️. Hope you like it !!!😘😘😘. 


Jacket- BTCouture/ Jumpsuit- Boohoo/ Heels- Primark/ Purse- Topshop/ Glasses- Amazon 

Thanks for stopping by 💙💙💙. 

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