Stylistlive 2017

Hey everyone ☺️☺️!!!! Hope you are okay?? This isn’t a chatty post at all it’s just to share some images that I took at Stylist live (which was a great event btw). I met up with Priscilla and Becca who are both bloggers as well and we had a great time (check out Priscilla’s Vlog on the event here). It was soo colourful and vibrant, there was soo much to do and there were lots of people as well. Here are some of the images and also details of my outfit are below.

DETAILS: COAT – Primark /TOP – Primark / Trouser – Primark / SHOES – Office /BERET – Amazon

Becca (blog here) is in the middle and Priscilla (blog here) is on the other end ☺️☺️☺️☺️. I love that our outfits weren’t planned but we all opted for something very bright .

Forever young 💙💙💙.

This was hilarious actually I was hoping my trousers do not rip 😂😂😂😂.

This was my favourite “back drop” the flowers 💐 are soo pretty and the pink with my red was just a YES (thanks to Priscilla for these amazing pictures).

Thanks for stopping by 💙💙.

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