Let’s chat ….

What’s been running through my mind these last couple of months has been “wow this year is nearly over and I haven’t done this or that’s”. If I’m really honest I was very very discouraged, frustrated and a bit salty. I started off the year very very clear on what I was doing and also what I wanted to achieve before the end of the year. I was speaking positively about all that I had in mind and as soon as things went skkkrrr skkkrrr, doubt began to fill my mind about things working out. But in those moments of doubts I’m reminded that “all things are working for my good” (usually after sulking 😂😂😂).

There has been soo many obstacles and just things that have really discouraged me, I guess that’s life you have to keep going. You can’t afford to be shaken by your circumstance, you must keep going. In regards to blogging I felt creatively spent at some point and I kept thinking this is an absolute drag. I began to question the whole consistency thing. I did manage to keep posting tho come rain come sunshine. I was active regardless and I didn’t want my feeling or emotions to dictate and control my life. But there comes a time when you definitely need to take a step back.

I have also really questioned the whole “niche thing “and I know I’ve written about finding your own niche which is still very valid and important. At a point, I felt very boxed and I also felt confused at times, which really made me question if I was doing things correctly. I will definitely be trying out other things and also allowing myself to explore my creativity, this will definitely help me trust myself more as a creative person and also it will distinguish me in my field. I never want to feel like that again (feel boxed) it wasn’t a nice feeling at all. Lol this isn’t really a rant, not sure what to call it but hope you like the outfit 😘.

Details Wrap dress- Tailor Made / Heels- Primark

7 thoughts on “Let’s chat ….

  1. Picturesque photos and dress indeed! I totally love it! 😍💕🍃💖….you know sometimes in life our circumstances may try to get the best of us, but then we have to just stop, breathe, pray and leave it in God’s hand and know that he got us forever and always and know that this to shall pass in Jesus Name! Thanks for sharing, God bless and keep you strong byes! Xx

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  2. Rant all you want babe issalowed!!! This year has really ran so fast and irrespective of al the things I didn’t get done, im greatful for the little victories here and there.
    You’re doing amazing and this dress is everything!!!

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  3. I too felt boxed a little this year. There were so many things I wanted to talk about that just didn’t necessarily go with my niche but I’m working to change my approach and find a way to make it work in 2018. All things indeed are working out for our good, it’s important to speak it into existence but it also takes a lot of faith to believe it especially when situations are discouraging.

    Princess Audu

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    1. Hi Sarah! I’m glad you could relate, I agree faith is soo important and so is speaking things into existence. I’m praying for wisdom on how to actually rebrand myself. I’m sure things will fall in place soonest 💙💙💙💙💙


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