Beware of 419: Yingi Goma Collab/ Interview.

Hey guys!!!!!!!! Apologies for this late post but i assure you it will definitely be worth the wait. This is the last look from my Lagos shoot and it is my second favourite after the red and pink one. You can probably tell i am really into Orange and yes i am wearing a belt which has 419 written on it. This is part of Yingi Gomas collection, you might be wondering who that is  you shall find out shortly. I had the privilege of interviewing her, to share the story behind the collection and i have asked her other questions as well.


Blazer – Primark / Trouser- Shein/ Heels – NewLook / Belt – Yingi Goma.


1. Tell us about yourself briefly and what you do?

I am Yingi Goma, an artist and fashion designer. No, I am not Chinese. I am Nigerian and I have 28 letters in my full names (lol). I love to find and create things that will trigger a thought process or an inspiration. My life is pretty much centred around Jesus and art.

2. Who are your current favourite African fashion designers?

There are a few of them on my list but I will definitely say Maxhosa, Orange Culture and Maki Oh.

3. What was the inspiration behind your collection?

I wanted to explore every possible way to translate the African lifestyle, which was the base of my inspiration in a contemporary way throughclothing.  My menswear collection was inspired by a street vendor in Nigeria. I was interested in his lifestyle and daily activities on the road.

4. 5 words to describe your collection?

Creative, conceptual, commercial, interesting and motivating.

5. What are your thoughts on Vogue Africa do you think we need one or do you think we should create our own?

Vogue has been a major western fashion magazine that has influenced the world for decades. Even though they have branched out to places like Brazil, India, UAE and so on. I believe, there is need for vogue to include Africa and not just Vogue Africa; It should be by city.

I also think that Africans in the fashion industry need to create their own too. I know that there a couple of good fashion platforms out there but there is still so much that can be done to take African content globally while it makes impact at home. I believe both African owned fashion platforms and Vogue have enough space to operate fully in Africa.

6.What does Creativity mean to you?

It is exploring, finding, experimenting, breaking rules, doing the unusual and creating.

7. What advice will you give to fashion students/ upcoming designers or creatives in general?

Guys, fashion is a whole  lot… It is a very competitive industry and you have to constantly put in work that you’re proud of.

Your attitude towards your work matters a lot. Do not do mediocre work!Not everyone will understand or like your work, that should not be your focus; treat a negative as a positive, a positive as a negative.

Find the best way to make good use of both bad and good situations. Your work are your gems, you are your biggest fan of your work regardless of what others think. Be confident.

8. Tips on keeping your creative Juice flowing ?

Stay around people that inspire you, ask your self questions, constantly allow your self explore and find, shut down from the unnecessary things and allow your mind travel as far as it can. Get a journal for yourself, write down or stick down ideas, plans, your thoughts and inspiration.

9.What struggles did you face when you were working and your collection and how did you overcome them?

The most challenging time for me during my collection period was when I had to find a way to pattern cut bag like shapes that will be part of some garments. It took me two months to perfect those shapes and in that period I was frustrated but I had to remind my self why I chose to create and be inspired by the street vendor. When you are creating something fresh, you will definitely have challenges; it is normal. It is a good sign that you’re on your way to great results.

10.  It was phenomenal watching your collection on the catwalk at GFW, how did you feel ?

Thank you! Lol, I felt all types of blood pressure and heart beats. GFW was my first catwalk ever and so it was a big moment for me.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you liked this post. You can find Yingi Goma on Instagram (here).

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