Pressure Traps : My truth.


Ankara Outfit – Tailor made / Heels – Primark

Hey !!!! How are you doing ? (Good I hope ❤️) today I’ll be talking about ” Pressure traps” specifically to my blogging journey. Towards the end of last year, blogging became more of a chore than a hobby. I have to say, it was very weird because everything just seemed forced. I lost motivation to write blog posts and I would mainly just share pictures.

I was trying to put on a brave face and remain consistent through it, but i just wasn’t enjoying it. I began to really question my motives, why do I blog? Is it really worth it? Should I stop? Yep all this was going through my mind very often. After pondering for weeks, I decided to look deep into why I wasn’t enjoying it as much which is what I’m sharing today, hence the title.

  • Niche

I felt very boxed in terms of my creativity, I really began to question if having a niche was actually helpful.

  • Instagram

Lol this was a huge one, I kept thinking about how much I was spending on outfits/ pictures and how low the engagement was. It really discouraged me if I’m being completely honest.

  • Blurred Lines

Somewhere along the way there were blurred lines on why I was blogging. I became too comfortable, I stopped dreaming and pushing for more.

  • Small wins

I stopped celebrating small wins, this really affected my motivation mainly because I became very ungrateful for my growth and I even lost focus on the end goal.

So how did I get back into my game you might be wondering ? (Still working on it 😎).

I began to mix up my posts I stopped doing only African prints, I shared other outfits because realistically I don’t wear ankara everyday. I try to share a bit more of who I am so things that I like, people that I admire, travel experience (one of the reasons why I did a shoot in Nigeria was to spice up my page).

I stopped focusing soo much on Instagram and I began to explore other social media apps such as Pintrest which is the best thing that has happened to me and my blog (get on it if you aren’t already). I hated my feed at one point, so I have worked and I’m still working on creating a feed that I would really like.

I know there’s a lot of emphasis on Instagram but listen the world is ever changing anything can happen don’t build your blog on Instagram alone. Also Instagram likes and comments are important but don’t let it rule your life, it’s a slippery slope I have to constantly remaind myself likes and comments DO NOT VALIDATE ME OR DETERMINE MY WORTH.

I read other blogs and also do a lot more research, not only on fashion but in other things I’m interested in, so for example if you like interior design maybe look into that and share random stuff that people might not know.It will help draw more readers from different back grounds to your blog. Also I consciously try to make my captions a bit more interactive. It’s not something I’m great with, I am still learning.

Lastly I celebrate every win, I pat myself on the back even when it feels like it’s nothing I still do it. Understanding that it’s all a process, I’m building something, it’s a journey, so I’m choosing to not compare my journey to anyone else’s. I choose to not entertain comparison and so should you.


Thank you for stopping by, hope you enjoyed this post.

16 thoughts on “Pressure Traps : My truth.

  1. This is such a helpful post int these times when it is so easy to lose focus. I too am struggling especially with Instagram. You feel like you put it a lot of work and so your engagement and following should reflect that.

    These days, I look at the views on my blog and I feel so bad I begin to ask myself why I bother.

    It is difficult to pick yourself up every time but try we will.

    Glad you’re back.

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    1. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️. It’s actually hard honestly I can completely relate to what you’ve said after all the hard work then only 10% of your followers see the post cos the algorithm it’s ridiculous but I guess we have to keep going.

      Yea same here I look at the views and I’m like 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 adonbelieve this ???? But we have to push through. I really suggest that you look into pintrest most of my views are from there atm.

      Thanks again 💕🙏🏾


  2. Your honesty was so refreshing to read. On my blog, I always want to post photos with my Ankara outfits but photography isn’t my strong suit! My Instagram feed will attest to my lack of photography skills and it’s OK. I got a book to help me but I’ve been so lazy about reading it! Hope your week has been good!! ✌🏿

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    1. Thank you very much !!! It’s good that you got a book, I think you should definitely try and post it and see how it goes you never know. But then at the same time do what feels right 💕💕💕💕.


  3. I just have to drop this comment! I absolutely love this!!! Thanks for sharing this, it’s OK to sometimes feel like giving up but it’s not okay we stay “there”…We will keep pushing, it’s part of the process. I’m also a blogger :

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  4. I’m glad you’re back and were able to take some lessons out of this journey of yours, however, i must say… GIVE ME THAT KIMONO! Lord! The print and design has me clutching my chest, you wore this outfit SO well oh my goodness! I need this kind of kimono/jacket in my life *pesters Tailor on Whatsapp*
    Cheers to more growth and discovery for you! I totally see how having your kind of niche can feel limiting at times but it’s good you’re looking to branch out!

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