Dressing for my body type….


Top- Zara/ Trouser – Naty gal/ Heels – Primark / Bag – Oba Elegushi market

Gone are the days where I wore what I saw everyone wearing, I haven’t always had a great sense of style,I used to be really scared of wearing colours loool. I only wore black or blue I loved to play it safe. Now I’m definitely more confident in my body and I’m my style, today I’ll be sharing some tips on how I dress for my body shape, so I guess if you’re “TOP HEAVY” like me this would be beneficial. Knowing and understanding your body shape would actually help you find suitable clothing.

So if you are “Top heavy” you will have a large chest and upper body area, and little waist definition. Yep that’s me, and I didn’t always like it actually 👀but now that I know what to wear, I’m very comfortable in my body.

My tips 😀

  • A good bra

Yes wearing a bra that fits perfectly plays a very important role on how well your clothes fit. So i advice that you invest in a good bra (Marks and Spencer usually have really good bras).

  • Flared Trousers

I love flared trousers as you can probably tell, and it’s perfect for my shape because it adds volume to my leg are which is the slimmest part of my body.

  • Heels

Heels lift your body up and give your butt some volume. These days I try to find really comfortable heels to wear, so it’s not necessarily about how high they are, they also have to be comfortable.

Topswith a defined waist work perfectly as well so for example a peplum blouse will create the illusion of a defined waist balancing the shape out.

  • Skater Dresses or Skirt

Skater styles make your hips and thighs look wider and balance out the broad shoulders. I would often make off shoulder skater dresses in Ankara or skater skirts to accentuate my lower body. Sometimes I might make a straight skirt but add a detachable peplum.

I have to say I’m glad I bought this bag in Lagos, I was in two minds about it tbh. Also these trousers from Nasty Gal, were only ten quid and they fit like a glove. The baggy top from Zara was only seven pounds (I have a thing for baggy shirts for real 😂😂😂). I love that the bell shaped trouser complements my baggy shirt and it also adds volume to my lower body.

Hope you liked this post !!! Thanks for stopping by🌸🌸🌸.

7 thoughts on “Dressing for my body type….

  1. You’ve definitely mastered the act of dressing gor your body type. Love how breezy this look is, the fit of the shirt is perfect. Skinny legs too so i try not tl wear super tight trousers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you babe,
      I try as much as possible lmao I’m still learning tho but I’m much better than before 😂😂. Yea definitely super tight trousers will only emphasise your legs more, so good choice. Thanks soo much for stopping by 💕💕💕


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