Feeling creatively stuck or blocked???


Top- Prettylittlething/ Trouser- Primark/ Heels- Primark/ Shades- Shein/ Bag- Primark

  Hey guys!! This weeks post has been inspired by Transport for London, ironic because I always complain about the train services (well mainly southern trains). One of the things I love about London is the transport system ( its one of the best in the world 🌍).

I love how you can get about so easily. underground trains are fast and very consistent. My favorite line is Victoria line mainly because I’m on it all the time and also because it’s the cleanest IMO (😭😭😭😭😭😭). But yes let me know what you think, I also share some times on overcoming creativity block.

(The train is approaching, please stand behind the yellow line)

  • Do something different.

This always works for me, I change my routine and do something different. So i change my route to work, buy a new bed sheet (usually something colorful), go for coffee on my own and brain storm. I know this might sound drastic but even changing how your bed room looks like moving things around. There are other things you could do like listening to new music, trying new food. This is because sometime routines can make us feel stuck and I for one get bored very easily.

  • Feed your mind.

So read books, research [about anything really but make sure it’s beneficial], be careful what you listen to and what you say to yourself, make sure it’s positive. We feel stuck or demotivated because we are not challenging ourselves, so CHALLENGE YOURSELF.

  • Speak to fellow creatives

Talk about ideas and literally bounce off each other’s ideas. This is not a “what can I get off this persons situation” it is like brain storming but with creatives. It will help stimulate ideas.

  • Cluttered mind ???

Usually it’s very hard to be creative when your mind is cluttered, sometimes we have some many things going, So spending time meditating can help.

  • Build/Train your creative muscle..

So this can be a series of activities of things that you do daily to keep your mind open to ideas, find what yours is. One of mine is journaling my ideas, it is literally an outlet for what goes on in my head, also I’m always creating mood boards, again this is to stimulate ideas.

  • Unplug

So simply do nothing, focus on other things. I do this often and random ideas will pop up.

All images shot by Jo (Find her on instagram).

11 thoughts on “Feeling creatively stuck or blocked???

  1. Exactly what happened to me this week, I felt so stuck, I decided to change my morning routine and added something new that makes me feel really good everyday and that’s waking up super early in the morning. Unfortunately I really want to unplug from school but I can’t rn… after I collect that degree; unplugged full time. I really enjoyed reading this and your outfit is bomb!!!

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  2. Ok first. I totally agree with the London transport system. The best I know in the world that might change when I travel more but till then I can’t fault it. Love it. I stayed at Lancaster gate what line is that?😂.
    I agree with you regarding all the Stated points especially unplugging, journalising your ideas, changing routines and keeping your mind creatively active and affirm yourself with great and positive words. Love the vibe of the pics.

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  3. the first picture lopks like you’re bout to bust a dope shaku shaku lol. Love the pictures.
    I’ve bern feeling quite stuck so i took a break but that didn’t really help, think I’m gonna try something new and spice up my routine.

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    1. Lmaoooo me and this shaku shaku everybody don tire!!! Thank u, yes definitely try something new and maybe remind yourself why you started and what the goal is. Let me know how it’s going 💕😍💕


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