Body Mind and Soul: INSECURITIES


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Starting off this new series “Body, mind and soul”, so I’ll be sharing a lot about self affirmation, being confident and comfortable in your body, positive thinking, self love, the root of inadequacy and more. So today I’m talking about INSECURITIES! Yep, not everyone wants to share what they are insecure about and it’s mainly because it makes us vulnerable (or naked if you like). What exactly are these insecurities?? Where do they stem from ??? Why are we sometimes scared to open up about it??

Insecurities in dictionary meaning is defined as “uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence” . We tend to feel insecure about things that threaten our sense of identity . Society really doesn’t make it easier we are constantly expected to have achieved this or that at a certain age or the unrealistic body standards that we have to deal with.

Soo many people feel very insecure about their body, according to society we should look or act a certain way placing unnecessary pressure on ourselves and why ???

The bible says I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139 vs 14), in fact I was created in the image of God (Genesis 1 vs 27) so why should I feel insecure about my looks ? (Honestly ask yourself and search your heart and accept Gods truth and what He says about you, not just looks but every area of your life). So in other words rebuff these standards with Gods standards.

I often check myself when I feel insecure about anything and I try to address the root of the issue because if you don’t deal with the root you are only making it worse by covering it up!! You might be feeling insecure as a result of rejection from people, childhood trauma or even negative beliefs about yourself. So here are a few tips on how to deal with insecurities;

• The first thing is to definitely address the root of your insecurities, identify what triggered or birth that feeling. If you need to forgive yourself or someone else please do, so that you can move forward. You don’t need to rush it, but be very intentional about it, you might want to hide behind the excuses or you might want to feel sorry for yourself please FIGHT IT. Face it, deal with it.

Love yourself, yes if you don’t love yourself you will find it difficult to love anybody else. So accept who you are and work on your weaknesses, celebrate your strengths it’s okay to do that. Don’t focus soo much on the things that you are not soo pleased with that you forget the really good things. Also remember that all these things are what makes you soo special and unique.

Positive Affirmations are very important, so speak positively. Don’t be too hard on yourself, okay you failed and maybe you let yourself down that doesn’t mean that you are failure. It’s okay, pick yourself up and praise yourself what of the other times that you didn’t fail?? You are a winner, yes you are beautiful, yes you are worth it, yes you will make it, you have to stir yourself up even when you don’t feel like.

I find it useful writing down these things, so maybe in the morning that could be your routine, to speak positive things into your life. Maybe you don’t like what you look like in the mirror, why not look at the mirror and say to yourself ” I am beautiful” and keep saying it till you believe it. Also don’t stop after two days, it will take a while to undo what you’ve spoken over yourself for God knows how long.

Expose yourself to positivity, so what music do you listen to, what do you watch ? Who do you hang around ? Well are you around people that make you feel like rubbish ?? Maybe it’s time to let them go (like bye 👋🏾). You don’t need all that negativity protect your mind, out of the heart flows the issues of life (Proverbs 4 vs23), we create thoughts in/with our minds and the life we live is as a result of that! So cast down those thoughts and imaginations that will only harbour insecurities.

All these things can and will influence how you see yourself / what you think of yourself. There’s soo much more to talk about in regards to insecurities but I’ll leave it here this week.

6 thoughts on “Body Mind and Soul: INSECURITIES

  1. Exposes yourself to positive got me thinking. I remember when I used to hang out with certain people… they were the Beyoncé and I was made to feel like I needed to serve them and get their approval with anything I did!…. Later I realised they didn’t add anything to my life therefore they had to go…. knowing God got your back and he made you His image changes how we view life. Honestly Jennie being a young woman in today’s society comes with tones of pressure but knowing who you are in Christ gives me the comfort I need daily. I don’t what society thinks!!!

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    1. Hmmm I completely agree with you 💯, I’m glad you were able to let go of those friendships. And the pressure we face is absolutely ridiculous tbh I constantly have to meditate on Gods word cos it’s hard sometimes but as you said as long as God has your back nothing to fear. Thanks soo much for this comment 💕💕💕💕 made my day!!


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