Waiting on God/ Laviye Collaboration.


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Waiting simply means to “stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or event”. Have you ever found yourself waiting on God and it just seems like you’ve been waiting for ages? I have definitely felt like that, todays post is to encourage you and to also share a few things that can keep you going whilst you wait.

Hannah always comes to mind when I think about people who waited on God, her story is beautiful because even after God gave her Samuel (she had promised to give him back to God which she actually did) God gave her more children. Penninah who was the other wife mocked her whilst she was waiting on God for a child, I can only imagine how terrible she must have felt. She continued seeking Gods face, she had moments where she was not happy but she pressed on, I don’t know about you but I have complained about certain seasons and I have gotten impatient and occasionally very angry/frustrated about situations. Other times I have decided not to wait on God and gone ahead to sort it out myself which you can imagine never worked out (lol, for some reason I thought I knew more than God).

It really seemed hopeless for Hannah but God decided to come through for her in His time, it is a great reminder that even we must continually hope in God because He is our hope. Not waiting on God can lead us to settle for less than we truly deserve (May that never be your portion). So what can we do whilst we are waiting for God to provide that new job, or for God to come through in that situation? We remain in that place of prayer, if we look at other stories like Abrahams He still continued to pray and he still believed. He didn’t say “ah God hasn’t done this or that so I am not doing this Christianity thing anymore”. We must stay faithful to God as He is to us always, and trust that He knows what’s best because He is all knowing and he has already seen the end.
So definitely rejoice in that and also rejoice with others as well, even if they get what you’ve been praying for. I once heard someone give a testimony about something that I have been praying to God for almost 3 year and the person said they had been waiting for a year. I was shocked, and I also had two ways to look at it. I could say wow so God clearly does not care about me or I could say well I am encouraged by this testimony because God can do it and of course I chose the latter. In the time of waiting do not compare yourself to others because that will only make you bitter, instead encourage yourself and know that it will come.

Also be grateful for all that is going well, the minute we start obsessing over this one thing we are waiting for it suddenly becomes a “god/idol”! and we cant seem to see past it.
Do you have a bad attitude towards waiting on God? Perhaps your faith is low and it seems easier to not hold on anymore, it seems easier to lose hope. “Your faith will dictate your behaviour” so make sure that your heart is right and you can do this by being very honest with God about how you’re feeling always. I am aware that sometimes even after you are honest with God the situation might not change and your feelings might not even change straight away but believe.  I found that every time I kept my feelings in, it only made me bitter towards God and then after a while it became a problem to pray. Our outlook on life/situations must change but the change starts from within, so I will leave some scriptures for encouragement and also a quick recap;
·         Maintaining a good attitude
·         Being grateful fir what we have whilst we wait.
·         Rejoicing with others
·         Remain in the place of prayer and remain hopeful.
·         Understanding that just because we are waiting, it does not mean that God has forgotten or that He does not love us.
·         Surrender to His timing and purpose for us.

Check out these verses and encourage yourself in the Lord always;

  • Psalm 27 vs 4
  • Hannah’s story 1 Samuel vs 1
  • Psalm 33 vs 20
  • Micah 7 vs 7
  • Psalm 130 vs 5
  • Psalm 33 vs 20.

Thanks for stopping by 💕.

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  1. Thankyou so much for sharing such a timely word. Your posts are encouraging! Let’s talk about these poses though & the looks you are serving 😍

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