Finding your personal style: 1


Dress- Wildkulture (here) / Shoes – Primark

Kicking off this new segment ” Finding your personal style” the purpose of today’s post is to lay a foundation. I will be talking about what personal style is and also ways to help you find it. It’s also important for me to highlight that personal style is not fixed, it can change. A lot of it has to do with who we are as individuals, we are constantly evolving as human beings which means our style will also change. There are soo many other things that can help you find your style and I’ll be going over some them, I hope you will find very helpful.


Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak – Rachel Zoe


I would define personal style as a way of expressing your individuality, through what you wear – Jennifer Amani

Know who you are

Have you ever wondered, why do I wear these outfits ? Why do I like what I like ? Looking back now one major thing that has contributed to my personal style is a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF WHO I AM! Knowing who I am has given me the confidence to be me, to explore new things and to also express myself freely through what I wear which is essentially what style is.

Understanding your body type.

This is soo important, I did a post talking about dressing for my body type (here). I will delve into different body types much later as it’s been requested, but in the mean time what is your body type? There are several websites where you can find information on body types, do your research. This is not to put you in a box, look at it as a way of highlighting your strengths and also a way to further help you grow in body confidence.

Knowing your likes and dislikes

Finding personal style involves knowing what you like and dislike, for example do you like bold striking outfits or you would rather go for-figure hugging ones. Understanding yourself and knowing exactly what you like will really help you stand out more and also carry yourself with more confidence. If you are someone who only follow trends, you should really sit down and ask yourself what you like. There’s nothing wrong with following trends, I love them but you should make sure what you wear is also based on what you like not just trends, that is the only way your personal style will evolve. Don’t be scared to try new things even if that’s not what you would usually wear.

Colour Palette

This is also very vital, what colours work best for your skin tone and what colours do you like personally. Colours that compliment you can make a huge difference in your appearance. I used to be scared to wear bright colours, I kept thinking bright colours do not suit me and I’m glad I got rid of that ideology. Find out what colours work best for you, for me I know Red, Mustard Yellow and Orange really work for me so I tend to explore a lot with those colours. Looking through your wardrobe and even pictures, can also help you pin point what colours work for you. Bear in mind this could also change, so in 5 years time maybe you only like dark colours there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Again as you evolve as a person so will your style, my style from 3-5 years ago is COMPLETELY different to my style now.

Working with your budget

I shop a lot at Primark, in the last year Primark has been my go to, for some people Primark is beneath them. In my opinion as long as I like the outfit and I can afford it I don’t really mind where it’s from. I don’t believe in living beyond my means, so therefore I found shops that are affordable for me. Find what you can afford and make it work! Here are a few online and walk in stores I go tend to shop from; Primark, Newlook, Nastygal, PrettyLittleThing, Missyempire, Forever21, Zara, River Island and Topshop.

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