Multiway Dress- L’aviye.


Dress- L’aviye (Here) / Heels – NewLook

This is another collaboration with one of my favourite brand L’aviye. I have never worn a multiway dress so I was really happy to have received this one. A multiway dress is perfect for showing the individual style of every woman. Although in this blog post I have only styled it one way, you can see how else it can be styled here.

I love how simple yet vibrant the colours and patterns are, also apart from it being a multiway outfit, the colours make it easy to style with different coloured heels or flats. You could potentially style it with nude, yellow, blue (powder and royal blue) clear (Perspex) Heels/flats. If you’re feeling bold and you mean business (lol) you can go for red heels, depending on the occasion or how you’re feeling.

I opted for pink as I was going for a very soft look and I was also feeling very pink (what ever that means). I would wear this outfit for numerous occasions, weddings, birthday party or dinner, prom, date night. Where else would you wear this outfit and also what colour of shoes would you style it with. I already had a lot going on with my hair so no purse or accessories for me, although a little purse would not be too much. Let me know in the comments how you would style this outfit.

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