Yellow and Red what a Combo!

Psalm 11 vs 3; If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Usually around this time i get a bit frustrated with myself, especially  if i have not completed some of the things that i hoped i would at the beginning of the year. This year though has been very different, not in the least what i expected for many reasons and i have solely chosen to focus on the good things as we are approaching 2019. I refuse to succumb to the pressure of knowing whats next or the need to know where i should be in life right now and i simply want to be grateful for life, grateful for the things that i even consider to be small.

The older i am getting the more i am embracing who i am, the more i challenge my thoughts and ideologies. I value life experience but i now understand the need to process or shall i say filter my thoughts with Gods word. I believe life experience are important we learn from them and they also shape our outlook on life but we need to be careful to not allow negative experiences change who we are. I am focusing on being exactly who God says i am and the only thing i have written down as my 2019 new year resolution is literally to Rebuild my Foundation.

I must say it is slightly scary, but i am excited about what God has in store for me, for a while i have felt like my foundation on aspects of my life has been very shaky and it has really hindered me to be the best version of my self and to also grow. Being my authentic best self is literally my priority right now. In case you’re wondering isn’t it too late to make new year resolution lol, ideally it’s not but i guess most people tend to focus on it towards the year and to that i say what ever works for you do it.

Now onto the outfit, i have always been a bit weary of the yellow and red combo, i can rock it if prints are involved otherwise i would shy away. This time tho i decided to give it a go, i would most likely wear this outfit on a dull or rainy day as that is when i am usually drawn to yellow,i love to have my own sunshine (lol). This trench coat i have had it for about three years now and i do not regret buying it. The red heels are literally one of my favorite pair of heels, very easy to walk in and also it goes with almost every outfit. Where would you wear this outfit to? leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks for stopping by 💕.

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