Wedding Guest Inspo: What you should consider.


Dress – A gift / Heels- Nastygal / Clutch – Quiz /Chocker – Missguided.

I have about two weddings coming up just before the end of the year and I thought I’ll share my take on wedding guest outfits. You want to make a statement, you want to look amazing, stay within your budget and at the same time you still want to be very comfortable. So what should you consider before buying any outfit;

1. Does this outfit/style suit my body type.

I have talked about personal style on the blog (here) and the importance of it, usually there’s a colour code so half the decision has already been made but what happens if the colour code doesn’t suit your skin tone (oopsss !!!) Understanding your personal style will help you choose something suitable and would really make a difference.

2. How comfortable is your outfit?

I don’t know about you, but when I go to weddings I plan to dance and the last thing I need is for my outfit to rip because it’s too tight or to not be able to dance because my outfit is too tight. That would be very annoying, I love to have a good time so what ever I wear has to be comfortable.

3. Don’t shop in the most obvious place.

I would hate to go to a wedding and see 10 other people wearing the same outfit as me, I’ll be LIVID (Lool like can I shine in peace). This is one of the reasons why I get my outfit custom made or I shop somewhere that isn’t popular. So for a wedding don’t shop in the most obvious place, especially if you want to wear something that is currently trending.

4. Opt for a clutch.

Don’t be that person that has a big hand bag, a clutch will help you minimise the amount of things you bring.

5. Wear comfortable heels.

Are there heels that you can wear the whole day? Yes there are!

I usually take some flats along with me because after a while my feet start to hurt, but these days I have really focused on purchasing comfortable heels that I can wear and dance in. So things like mules, sandals, block heels these are very comfortable shoes that can be worn for a long period.

6. The weather and location.

This is a huge one I find that in A/W , I’ll lean towards jumpsuits or a fitted trouser and a top and then in S/S it’s usually dresses. Location is also vital, if the wedding is in a garden you probably don’t want to wear stilettos as your heels will literally be digging into the ground. So definitely consider these two things and lastly….

7. Buy something within your budget.

Don’t be that person that does the most and buys something that is ridiculously expensive. You don’t have to, just stick to what you can afford and wear it with pride.

What other things do you consider ? Let me know when you leave a comment and thanks for stopping by.

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