Autumn Look: Casual everyday outfit.

This week I thought I’ll share my current love for brown/ autumn tones with you and also my social media short rant.

Primark has been my go to this Autumn, they honestly keep surprising me with the quality and also the styles. This is kind of my everyday casual style, Give me a nice pair of jeans and a warm jumper I promise I’m good to go.

These days I really prioritise comfort and warmth (now that it’s getting colder).


Jeans – Primark / Jumper – Primark / Shoes- Topshop / Bag – Primark / Glasses – Shein

I always end up spending more than I plan to in Primark, I intended to only get the brown jumper but then I saw the leopard print bag 😱😱😍😍😍😍 LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Been doing a lot of thinking in regards to what I want to do next year blog wise and honestly I have no clue. I know I want to try other things but then I’m also struggling with Social media in general, I really don’t enjoy using Instagram anymore, same goes for snapchat actually. I’m not sure how to rekindle my love for it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

It really isn’t what it used to be, you’re having to work 10x harder for engagement or you can choose to do the wildest things to get noticed. For creatives, I think the pressure to constantly create something ruins everything, it blocks creativity. Although some argue that you can train yourself to be creative under pressure.

As for me I really try and take things easy, I try not to put unnecessary pressure on myself, the struggle is soo real tho. I am embracing this journey whatever it is and wherever it takes me, I’m happy I’ve been true to myself and I’m also glad that I got to connect with some really amazing fellow creatives.

So really I encourage you to keep going πŸ’•, be grateful for how far you’ve come this year. Don’t worry about things that haven’t yet worked out yet, remain positive and keep encouraging yourself.

7 thoughts on “Autumn Look: Casual everyday outfit.

  1. Very elegant and cozy! I’m loving the wine color sweater top πŸ™‚ concerning social media, that happened to me earlier this year and I knew it was God talking to me. I took almost 3 months off of it by deleting it from my phone and within that break/spiritual cleaning I drew closer to God and I redownloaded it back and I’m using it as a platform to preach the gospel of Christ out there to the lost, lonely, brokenhearted etc. So sometimes when you’re falling out of eagerness of the utilization of such apps, its God calling you to a higher place in Him to fulfill HIS purpose in your life. And sometimes in order for that to be accomplished certain walls and stains must be removed in order for His work to be done, through his sanctifying power.

    Blessings, strength & peace to you my dear! πŸ™‚

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