Two Piece set: Valuable lessons from 2018

14 days left for 2018 to end and as I look back over this year I want to highlight some valuable lessons. But before I go into that let’s talk about this two piece set from L’aviye, definitely an outfit for the season with the gorgeous colour and pattern of the print.

The main reason why I love two piece set is because each piece can easily be restyled with other things, for example this top can be restyled with jeans or even a plain black or white trouser this will give you a completely different look. Also the bottom can be restyled with a shirt or another blouse, going back to versatility I think it’s important to invest in outfits that can look like completely new outfits when you restyle them.

This yellow bag was a gift from my auntie, I really think it works very well with this look, I didn’t want to play it safe with the colours I was going for a very bold look. I really wouldn’t have like it with black, a clear bag would have also worked as it would be matching the shoes. What do you think ? How would you have styled it differently?


Set – Laviye (use JEN10 for 10% off)/ Bag – NY and company / Heels – Nastygal / Glasses- Shein

Now onto some valuable lessons from this year;

Celebrate every win

This year I really challenged my way of thinking. It’s okay to celebrate small wins, I often felt like if it wasn’t something big why am I making noise ? But that’s wrong, i also started to notice that I became ungrateful. Celebrating my wins really encouraged me and helped me see that I was making progress towards my goal, progress is progress no matter how small it might look. I’m definitely taking this with me tk the new year, I won’t wait for something big before I celebrate my win.

An attitude of gratitude

This is something you have to make up your mind to have, the minute you stop being grateful for the little things you forget how far you’ve come and also how privileged you are. I really had to sit down and re-evaluate my life, I should be grateful for this and that why am I not? Now I just decide to be grateful for everything that I have no matter how small it might look to me. It has really helped me be more positive and just happier in general.

celebrating and being happy for others

This has been soo important to me this year and it’s something that I practice all the time. It’s soo important to be Genuinely happy for others even when things aren’t going too well for you, encourage yourself and be inspired.

Be patient with yourself

This year I really found myself in situations that were frustrating, whether it was things that I wanted to be changed ASAP, or even moving on to a new job and I really felt like nothing was happening. In those times of frustration what made everything worse was that I was extra hard on myself and I also set very high expectations which in hindsight was unrealistic, I now see the value of being patient / pacing myself, being kind to myself, taking everything one step at a time.

Speaking and Thinking positively.

This sounds simple but it isn’t always easy, I really saw a lot of changes the more I chose to be positive about circumstances, I would even argue that I was a lot happier. “Your thoughts will really shape your reality”

Stay true to yourself

Also very important, there’s soo much pressure sometimes in regards to what we must do or who we must be to be accepted and this year I would say I felt a whole lot of pressure. Looking back now I’m grateful I focused on working on my weaknesses and appreciating my strengths.

Thanks for stopping by 💕💕.

8 thoughts on “Two Piece set: Valuable lessons from 2018

  1. For me I think the yellow bag suits it perfectly or one can still use a green colored bag. Most of the time when I read your post I always get something. “Your thoughts will really shape your reality” 👌🏽👌🏽 Love and be patient with yourself. Thanks for sharing 😊.

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