Your plan / Gods plan

Hey guys !!! Sorry this post is coming super late, i intended to post it on Monday but life happened. I haven’t shared this yet on the blog I got a new job (i work in an hospital) it has nothing to do with what I studied but I have to say I’m much happier and I’m progressing faster than I expected. I’m really grateful to God for this blessing, I began to reflect on how unhappy I was with my old job and the only thing that kept me going was the difference I was making, asides that I was ready to just move on.

Sometimes things are just soo difficult and you just want to focus on the future because the present isn’t fun. Yep that was me all I wanted was to transition into full time fashion but nothing was working out, after a while I began to feel very discouraged/frustrated but I had and still have a very strong support system everyone around me kept encouraging me to keep trying.


Jumpsuit – Missy Empire / Heels – New Look / Ankara Belt Tailor made/ Necklace – Newlook / Bag – Amazon

We have our plans and there’s nothing wrong with that, I believe in planing but it’s important to be flexible and also to be open minded. Sometimes we really think ” this plan is going to work Or this is how this will work out ” but I say it’s important to trust God because He sees both the end and the beginning. I believe that God does grant us the desires of our hearts but the problem begins when we make these desires idols. Now my prayer really has been “order my steps Lord” it’s very difficult for me because I like to know what’s going on, I always have a plan.

I am learning daily to rely on God to continuously order my steps, because really and truly if God be for us who can be against us ? No one can, no one will! it’s daunting especially when you can’t see where you’re going but then who/what exactly do you put your trust in ? If your trust is in your plans then you might want to rethink that, what happens when these plans fail?

The bible says to Trust in the Lord with all your heart and to not lean on your own understanding. I would say that was my biggest lesson in 2018 and I’m still learning. it’s better to trust in God because even when everything is a mess because you can rest knowing fully well that He’s got your back and that His plan for us are always good and never evil.

So definitely stay encouraged and keep going.

Speak soon πŸ’•.

7 thoughts on “Your plan / Gods plan

  1. Nice one… I have been wanting g to write something like this on my blog and I kept thinking how would my Audience take it. But this right here just encouraged me to go forth and share and not to worry because God would take charge

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    1. You should definitely write posts like this if you feel led to, someone will definitely be encouraged and sometimes I read my old posts when I feel very down and it’s really helpful as well. So go for it and let me know when you do so I can read it . πŸ’•πŸ’•


  2. I can totally relate to this post! I just left my 9-5 job in the tech industry for similar reasons, I felt i was growing backward and it was just all round draining. God is the one knows us even before we were born. Trusting him and putting all our plans in his hands is the best way to live!

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    1. πŸ’― it’s difficult because of how society is set up we always think we need to be doing XYZ but really and truly it’s better to walk with God in every area of our lives as He sees and knows what’s coming.

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