Goodbye for now Autumn/Winter

I shot this look last year November somewhere in near Holland Park. Everything I’m wearing is from primark except for the hat which is from Nastygal. There’s one thing you should never do when you go shopping in primark, never think I’ll come back later for this because I can assure you it will be GONE ! I had to learn that the hard way (lol) so now every time I go in there if I see something I like I just get it straight away.

The print really got my attention the moment I saw it, but also the colour is gorgeous you definitely can’t go wrong with with brown. Speaking of brown it’s been a huge trend this autumn 🍂 and so has animal prints. I’ve been reading up on trends that will remain this spring and I’m really not surprised that Neon is here to stay and so will the animal/leopard print. Tailored fits which has been a huge trend of A/W is here to stay, I’ll be doing some looks for that as well this S/S can’t wait to share them.


Set – Primark / Boots – Primark / Hat- Nastygal / Coat – Primark

When it comes to trends we know it’s a huge deal in fashion, there are people who forecast trends 2 years in advance and get paid to do it that’s how important it is. So be trendy but wear things that you genuinely like and feel comfortable in. One of the things I’m going to do this year is also step out of my comfort zone and try new things, I tried Neon (green) for the first time on Saturday and I really liked it. Being trendy is one thing but also expressing your style through this trends and still being able to stand out I think is important.

What trends did you like this A/W and what trends will you be rocking this S/S? Let me know.

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