Body Mind and Soul: INSECURITIES

Details Jumper- PrettyLittleThing/ Shorts - Primark/ Heels - Elotami / Glasses - Muse. Starting off this new series "Body, mind and soul", so I'll be sharing a lot about self affirmation, being confident and comfortable in your body, positive thinking, self love, the root of inadequacy and more. So today I'm talking about INSECURITIES! Yep, … Continue reading Body Mind and Soul: INSECURITIES

Be patient with yourself …

Details Outfit - Tailor made/ Heels- Primark / Bag - Amazon   Hey Guys!!! Two posts in one week (what's happening you might be wondering lol) a lucky bunch you are. I wanted to share briefly on "being patient with yourself" self reflection has become extremely important to me (I think it's because I'm getting … Continue reading Be patient with yourself …

A Set Time/ Sharing my thoughts….

Details Top- PrettyLittleThing/ Jeans- Primark/ Boots- Publicdesire/ Bag- Primark Sometimes I think I am ready for the next level or maybe there’s one thing i have been waiting for and i think “surely now is the time for things to fall into place”. But there’s something called GODS TIME and that I assure you is … Continue reading A Set Time/ Sharing my thoughts….

Feeling creatively stuck or blocked???

DetailsTop- Prettylittlething/ Trouser- Primark/ Heels- Primark/ Shades- Shein/ Bag- Primark   Hey guys!! This weeks post has been inspired by Transport for London, ironic because I always complain about the train services (well mainly southern trains). One of the things I love about London is the transport system ( its one of the best in … Continue reading Feeling creatively stuck or blocked???

Beware of 419: Yingi Goma Collab/ Interview.

Hey guys!!!!!!!! Apologies for this late post but i assure you it will definitely be worth the wait. This is the last look from my Lagos shoot and it is my second favourite after the red and pink one. You can probably tell i am really into Orange and yes i am wearing a belt … Continue reading Beware of 419: Yingi Goma Collab/ Interview.

Collaboration/Interview: Maryam Salam

Today I'm privileged to interview/collaborate with Maryam Salam of the Blogger's Point (here) !!!!!! She is someone I really admire soo much, not only is she very knowledgeable and very hardworking, she is also a very beautiful person inside and out, with amazing style. We recently met up for Brunch but ended up doing a … Continue reading Collaboration/Interview: Maryam Salam