Speaking of Friendship……

What kind of qualities do you look out for in friends ? Friends are important, growing up i was often told “show me your friends and i would tell you who you are”. I have to say that i agree, it does not necessarily mean that you are exactly like them but it definitely says a lot about you as a person. I remember praying for friends that would understand me and also support me, this was when i started university and i can tell you that that prayer was answered.

I love the people i am surrounded by, they challenge me, they inspire me to be better, they correct me in love, they are not afraid of how big my dreams are. I mean i could go on about them but here are 4 things i strongly advise that you look out for. But make sure you have these qualities as well or at least work on them.


I would say that i encourage people a lot even when i am not in best mood, i try to be put my feelings aside and speak words of encouragement over my friends when they are not necessarily in the best place and they will never hesitate to do the same for me. I can’t even begin to explain how refreshing it is knowing that i can call any of them and i will feel better after talking to them. So definitely look out for this one.

Honest and LoyalΒ 

I really can’t deal with people who are not honest it really does my head in, honesty requires a level of openness that not everyone is comfortable with, but if you really think about it why be friends with someone who can’t be sincere? and i feel like it goes in hand with Loyalty you need friends who you can confide in knowing fully well that they wont go around telling your business.


Self confidence can be very contagious, being around people who are not confident can actually make you feel like you cannot be yourself, its almost like you need to constantly make them feel good about themselves *NEWS FLASH* it is not your responsibility, that is something that they would have work out on their own. Generally being around confident people boosts your level of confidence.

Fun to be around and Positive

I can say all my friends are fun to be around and they are generally very positive about life. You will often find that people who are positive often handle life challenges in a more proactive way. So keep those kind of people around we all need them.

This has to be my favourite outfit this year so far, i love theΒ  blouse and the contrast between the red and the pink. Lol the struggle to even take the pictures was insane all sorts of palava, but i was really pleased with the photographer i worked with he and his assistant were an absolute joy. Also my friend was extremely supportive all through, she was making sure my hair was in place and my make up as well because the heat nearly finished me lool.Β 


Top/ Blouse – Nasty Gyal

Skirt – H&M

Heels – Primark

Location – Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos Nigeria.

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