African Prints (Ankara)……

I have always loved Ankara, if i could i would wear Ankara outfits everyday thats how much i love it. There are so many reasons why i love Ankara  and i would talk briefly about three.


  1. Ankara is colourful, the colours i believe add soo much beauty and personality to each ankara fabric. It makes you stand out!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. It can be easily incorporated into everyday fashion and i mean that literally. In my first year of university, i used to always tie Ankara scarves and i remember for that time that was my thing and it was fun.
  3. Lastly you can create you own style with ankara!!!!!!! You can totally revamp your wardrobe with your own designs, like how cool is that?????

Everytime i go back to Nigeria one of the things i always look forward to is ANKARA shopping!!!!!!!!!!! Listen ,i always stand in awe of the beautiful fabrics and i am left confused on which ones to choose.  I always end up spending way more than i anticipated but i cannot get enough of these beauties.

In this post i have featured a beautiful ankara skirt that was made for me in Nigeria and its one of my favourite pieces, so i hope you like it and please let me know what you think, share, like, leave a comment.


Ankara skirt – Bespoke

Roll neck top- Boohoo

Shoes – New Look.

Lipstick – Mac Film Noir

Belt – Asos


I should really consider modelling tho…………….


Mustard is just a really beautiful colour!!!!!!!!1


My melanin pops severly……………… YASSSSSSS


When you are a boss Naturally ………… (lol)



For more pictures follow me on instagram @jenniferamani

Love Always…. Jen xxx

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